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Portsmouth Welcomes HMS Queen Elizabeth!

As the giant ship sailed past Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard and the National Museum of the Royal Navy, there was one question … Read More

Brothers In Arms: Antony and Basil Fisher

My late father, Antony George Anson Fisher and his younger brother, Basil Mark, were born in 1915 and 1917 respectively, writes Mark … Read More

‘There’s a Messerschmitt in the Lavatory!’

Sometimes, we get the strangest calls to the offices of Britain at War and this week it was about a Messerschmitt 109 downed over Sussex … Read More

Veteran Returns to the Air in Spitfire

To mark his 95th birthday, Warrant Officer (Retd.) Peter Hale RAF has taken to the air in a Spitfire again – the first time he has … Read More

Passing ‘Hellfire Corner’

From the relative safety of the severely-damaged streets of the city of Ypres, the men of the BEF marched to the front line of the … Read More

From the Archive: Lancaster L7580 at Trafalgar Square

Photo of the week from the Britain at War archive. Avro Lancaster B.I L7580 ‘EM-O’ of 207 Squadron, on display in London’s … Read More

Into Africa: LZ 104 & Operation ‘China Show’

In 1917, a beleaguered German colonial force led by a prominent Prussian-born officers was in desperate need of ammunition and medical … Read More

Video – Tanks on the Move at War and Peace 2017

The Britain at War team are at the War and Peace show in Kent this week. Keep an eye open for the show report in a future issue, but … Read More

“I Captured a U-Boat” – From the Air!

On its first war patrol, the German Type VIIC U-boat U-570 had been on its way to join the U-boat packs operating in the area of the … Read More

New Dunkirk Exhibition at Dover Castle

A new exhibition, Operation Dynamo: Rescue from Dunkirk, has opened at Kent’s iconic Dover Castle, displaying some of the costumes … Read More


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