Book Review: Gallantry in Action by Norman Franks

Gallantry in Action by Norman Franks

Well-known author Norman Franks has produced this interesting collection of stories that tells of the bravery shown from RAF airmen from around the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The common link they all have is that they were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and two bars for their valour.

All 60 awardees are profiled; three from the Great War, four during the inter-war era, 50 from World War Two and three post-war. This is surely the first time all have been featured in the same publication, and it makes for an excellent read.

There are some famous names among those honoured, with Neville Duke, Tony Gaze and Bob Stanford Tuck being three of the standout characters being profiled. But lesser known airmen such as Spitfire pilot Ray Harries and World War One’s Harold Whistler caught my eye – their stories have largely been left untold, and this nicely-produced book rights that wrong in an informative and engaging manner. (Reviewed by Nigel Price)

Publisher: Grub Street.

ISBN: 9781911621287.  Hardback: 192 pages.  RRP: £20

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