The exhibition’s First World War armour. (All images courtesy of the Tank Museum)

Street View ‘Immortalises’ The Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has worked with Google to immortalise its flagship exhibition hall, giving digital explorers the chance to see inside this incredible exhibition.

The Tank Story Exhibition is one of nine at the museum and uses 26 historically significant vehicles to chart the history and development of the tank. The exhibition begins with the first completed tank prototype, the test-bed No.1 Lincoln Machine, or ‘Little Willie’, from 1915 and runs through the 20th century up to the Challenger 2, the British Army’s current tank.

The display has been captured in a series of 360° photographs and stitched together to enable virtual travellers to ‘walk’ around the vehicles and artefacts displayed. As a result, users of Google Maps and Google Earth can use Street View to get up close to several key designs.

Size and Scale

Among the types on display are the FT-17, Panzer III and Chieftain. Also included are iconic wartime vehicles such as the Panther a legendary German ‘big cat’ and the Duplex Drive, or ‘swimming’, Sherman.

Museum spokesperson Nik Wyness said; “This is a great way to showcase the size and scale of The Tank Museum, while providing a tantalising glimpse of this compelling modern museum to those who have yet to visit and to those who may live too far away to visit…

The desert warfare section.

“It’s part of an increasing online presence we have built using free online tools, which is being enjoyed by audiences around the world.”

The project was made possible with the support of Google Arts and Culture, and world-renowned institutions like The British Museum and the Paris-based Musee d’Orsay are also featured on the application.

It is hoped the Dorset-based museum’s other popular galleries and exhibitions will be added in the future, to provide a full virtual tour of one of the world’s finest military museums.

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